The Benefits of Reading Not Only to Add Knowledge

Have you ever thought that reading is a very saturating activity? Some people may feel reluctant to take the time to read. Yet when reading, we use many parts of the brain. And one of the benefits of reading is as a form of training to maintain your brain health. If familiarized since childhood, reading can be one of the fun and useful hobbies. Because through reading, you can get any information that you didn't know before. Not only to add insight, various studies also show that reading can train brain function, clear the mind, and strengthen memory. Benefits of Reading for Your Little One Reading fondness must be instilled early on. Not only for adults, even babies who are still in the womb can benefit from reading. You can read various types of books for him, such as magazines, novels, picture books and fairy tales. Although Little doesn't understand what you are reading, but there are a variety of benefits of reading that he can get. Among them: Teach it about commu
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